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Top Tips to Manage your December Waste

This Christmas, be aware that the waste produced from presents, food and drink over the festive season may attract unwanted pests.

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#NuisanceNovember: Pigeon Proofing

As people begin to start their Christmas shopping, the last thing you want is pigeon droppings putting them off coming into your shop.

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#NuisanceNovember: Cluster Flies

Cluster flies group together with others, forming a large bunch that will sit in your house windows, loft and roofing. Golden in colour, this type of fly is loud, slow, and very clumsy.

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#NuisanceNovember: Fleas

Feeding off the blood of humans and pets, fleas can leave you with an uncomfortable rash as a result of their bites.

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#NuisanceNovember: Mice

Although they primarily consume grains, oats and corn, mice are known to feed on almost any form of food available to them. Even crops that are not fed upon by mice tend to become contaminated with mouse droppings, urine, saliva and their excrement – all of which can spread diseases to humans and animals.

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#NuisanceNovember: Rats

The most common pest at this time of year, rats are a massive risk to public health. As well as carrying illnesses such as Wiels Disease and Salmonella, rats can also cause serious damage to homes and properties from their digging and gnawing.

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This month we will be running a #NuisanceNovember feature across our blog and all of our social media platforms.

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The need for professional domestic pest control

One of the most dangerous and damaging pest problems you can experience is an infestation of rats. These creatures spread diseases, contaminate food, harm pets and cause costly damage to property, making them one of the most common challenges facing pest control companies.

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Keeping Your Commercial Property Rat Free

Rats are considered a public health pest because they contaminate food intended for humans and carry diseases such as Weils Disease, Salmonella and Typhus, all of which can be fatal to people.

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Why now is the best time to tackle your wasp problem

Now that we are fully into the summer months, people may start to notice wasp problems in their home. Active wasp nests in a property, hibernating queen wasps waking too early, and nuisance wasps where the nest cannot be found are all very common during warm weather, but no matter what the problem, the safest way of dealing with wasps is to get the nest treated by a professional wasp controller.

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