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How to Protect Your Home from Pests

The adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’ is easily applied to looking after your home. A well-maintained property is important for your security and health. The best way to protect your home from pests is to keep it clean and tidy. In this blog, we explore the most common pests in the UK and how you can prevent an infestation.

Protect your home from pests - Black ants in a kitchen

Common Pests in the UK

Your potential encounters with pests will vary depending on the season and the type of property you live in. To find out more about the seasonal activity of pests, take a look at our blog on The British Pest Calendar. Below, we will focus on five of the most common pests found in Britain.

Bed Bugs

With a misleading name, Bed Bugs can be found anywhere in the home. They are a parasitic insect that is transported on clothes and furniture. With the increase in global travel, the population of Bed Bugs in the UK have had a resurgence. After travelling wash all clothing at a high temperature. Bed bugs thrive in warm dark places, in cracks and under beds. The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep the area under your bed clear and dust-free. Regularly vacuuming your home with a powerful vacuum is the best prevention. If you are concerned about having a Bed Bug infestation, Confirm a Kill can help with Bed Bug removal.


Most gardens will start to see activity from Ants around April time. Motivated by the search for food Ants will take any opportunity to enter your home. To protect your home from Ants, you need to make sure the property is well maintained. Block up all cracks and ensure doorways have a good seal. Properly close all open food packets in your kitchen and make sure that all food debris around the house gets cleared away quickly. If you are struggling with an Ant infestation, Confirm a Kill can advise on Ant control.


Problems with Fleas are commonly associated with domestic pets, but even if you don’t have a pet, you could still get a flea problem. Flea eggs can be transported passively on fabrics and furnishings. If you have pets, ensure you get Flea treatment from your vet. You need to regularly clean pet bedding and vacuum with a strong suction vacuum cleaner. If you think your home has a Flea problem, it can be difficult to remove them yourself. Confirm a Kill can recommend the best way to manage Flea control.

Mice and Rats

Britain has a large population of Mice and Rats. In the cooler months, they are more likely to venture into our homes to get warm and find food. As with other common pests, the prevention is all about making sure they can’t get in and avoid leaving tempting food out. Make sure your rubbish is left in tall wheelie bins and avoid leaving any on the ground. Confirm a Kill have years of experience in Mice and Rat control so we can help if you have a problem.

What to Watch Out For?

Signs of a pest infestation vary depending on the type of pest. By having a regular cleaning routine, you can notice any changes and quickly make improvements to protect your home. If you notice a line of Ants, follow their trail, and you’ll find how they got in. By blocking up the area, the Ants found you are protecting your home from other pests as well.

How to Protect Your Home from Pests?

To make sure your home is well protected, you need to check all areas of your property regularly. From gaps in door frames to cracks in walls these need to be filled and fixed. Aim to have a tidy and clutter-free home that is easy to clean. Don’t hide your clutter away into lofts and sheds. This is ideal for hiding spaces for pests. Make sure you can have access to vacuum everywhere, under and behind furniture.

If you do think you have a pest problem, contact Confirm a Kill today.

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