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Pest Control for Factories and Industrial Sites

Effective pest management systems are essential to the running of businesses, and to support effective hygiene standards in the manufacturing industry.

Customers will expect your premises, production, stock and materials to be protected against potential pest problems. An outbreak of pests in your production line might cause disruption to work or damage to the reputation of your business.

It is for this reason that Confirm A Kill provide pest control maintenance contracts to a number of companies across Nottinghamshire.

As part of a pest management contract, we will carry out regular checks and audits. Each contract is tailor-made and built around your business requirements to ensure you’re covered for every kind of infestation.

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Your Commercial Property Could Be at Risk of a Pest Invasion

Warehouses and factories can be a breeding ground for all kinds of pests, from rats and mice to flies and ants. The production and the storage of goods, especially Pest control for factoriesfoodstuffs, can form a target for numerous sources of infestation and contamination.

Often irreversible and costly, the result of contamination can lead to the transportation of insects and rodents to end-users such as shops, trade warehouses and other factories.  This can create chaos in your supply chain and potentially serious damage to your reputation.


What Should you Expect and Look Out For?

As mentioned above, you could expect several different pests, but most commonly you are likely to encounter:


It may seem like a broad category, but there are a wide variety of insects that could contaminate factories and warehouses. To the untrained eye, many can remain in hiding for a while – meaning it’s too late by the time they’re spotted.

Ants and flies have a tendency to contaminate areas of least traffic but venture out to source food and supplies. Similarly, cockroaches could be unearthed behind large storage containers, machines or even in logistic vehicles.


Rats are a major concern in production establishments and storage warehouses – whether it’s food, clothes, paper or furniture. Rats have a tendency to gnaw through anything that is in their way. This can lead to damage to both buildings and produce. In food processing areas and warehouses, the risk of contamination from rats could spell disaster and very serious health concerns.


You might not expect it, but in large distribution centres and warehouses, birds can often make nests in the rafters. Bird droppings can have a very negative impact on the overall sanitation of your operation and could also cause health concerns for employees and visitors. 

How Can I Protect My Business?

Firstly, regular inspections are essential for spotting a potential pest disaster before it occurs. This means going through the entire factory or premises, actively searching for pests. Checking the nooks and crannies of the building is essential as pests will choose to breed in areas that are hidden, hard to get to and usually dark.

This could be anywhere from storage units, inside machine joints, in the corners of rooms, behind refrigeration units and places unreachable without ladders.

Confirm A Kill are also here to help. We offer extensive pest control contracts for businesses that will support your hygiene standards and keep you pest free.

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