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How to Deter Pigeons

Where ever you go in the UK you always seem to come across pigeons. They are most obvious in our city centres where they congregate in large numbers. Cities, with their tall buildings, replicate the pigeon’s natural habitat of cliffs and they commonly build their nests on high ledges or window sills. Food is also […]

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5 ways that pests are decreasing the value of your home

If you’re like many other property owners, you’ve put a great deal of time and energy into your largest investment, your home. Like so many house buyers in the UK, there’s a chance you’ve purchased a property that requires work doing to it, or if not, you’re likely to find something that needs doing in […]

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How to Ged Rid of a Wasp Nest

As the days start to get longer and warmer, and you begin to look forward to Summer, you can be sure that one pest will soon be along to spoil the happy spring vibe…wasps! It’s during Spring that the queens emerge from their winter hibernation. They will then hunt around for a suitable place to […]

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Pests in Rented Properties

Being a lettings agent or an individual private landlord can often be a challenging responsibility. When it comes to ensuring the property is adequately maintained, and the condition remains clean and tidy, while also providing a stable living environment for any tenants, it can be difficult. As a landlord, depending on the tenancy contract, it […]

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Preventative Pest Control – Is It Worth It?

What is Preventative Pest Control? Whether it’s actively filling up small holes and cracks in brickwork or simply washing up after every meal, preventative pest control could save you lots of money for your domestic or commercial property. There are plenty of things that are considered preventative measures. Whether it’s techniques that professionals have to […]

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Flea Boom Caused by 2018 Heatwave

Recently, a national pest control company revealed that, based on their research, they have seen an 82 percent rise in the number of call-outs for flea infestations this year. Here at Confirm A Kill, we understand the main reason that this flea boom has occurred…the reason is the heatwave of Summer 2018.   Why did […]

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Noises in your attic?

With the Halloween festivities upon us, the days are drawing in and are being replaced by dark nights and chilly mornings…a frightful experience in itself after the long, hot Summer. But when laying bed at night, halfway into your slumber, are you suddenly awoken by a scraping or scratching sound somewhere from above you? Whilst […]

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The Wasps Taking over Autumn!

Bad news for those who are planning an al fresco dining experience. The UK could be set to see wasps taking over Autumn thanks to perfect breeding conditions throughout Summer. According to British pest control experts, the country is on course for an explosion of wasps in September. This will push the threat of stings […]

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Heatwave Causes Bites from Horseflies to Increase

Although most of us have been enjoying the warm weather this Summer, the heatwave has also been a significant factor in the growth of some biting insects which flourish in the heat, specifically horseflies. Reports from the NHS helpline 111 suggest that numbers of insect bites are almost double the rate usually seen in July, […]

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Not all insects are bad…

As a pest control business, we often get a reputation for wanting to exterminate everything in our path that buzzes, squeaks or flies about. Despite removing unsafe nests and exterminating creatures that cause havoc and have no benefit to the garden, we do appreciate the list of UK insects and creatures that do great things […]

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