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Common Spring Pests and How to Avoid Them

Spring is finally here, which means warmer, longer days; plants are starting to flower, and many common pests begin to make an appearance. Much of the time, spring pests won’t cause people many problems. However, when they start to encroach on our living spaces, they can become a nuisance and in serious cases a threat to our health.

Spring Pests

Common Spring Pests

Depending on the weather spring pests can start to appear from mid-March. Typically, in the UK, April is the main month when insect and rodent numbers begin to grow significantly as the days are warmer and there is less chance of severe frosts.

If you’d like to know more about which pests are common throughout the year, then please take a look at our ‘British Pest Calander’ blog.


For the majority of bee species, the queens come out of the winter hibernation during March and April as the temperature rises. Their first task is to find food amongst the spring flowers. After this, they will find a suitable place to start their nest and begin to lay eggs to start their new colony.

Bee nests are generally best left alone. High levels of activity will only last for a few weeks, and when left un-threatened, they will do you no harm. If you have a bees nest in, or near your property that is causing you a problem, then you should call a pest control expert rather than attempting to tackle the issues yourself. The best outcome is to relocate the colony to an area away from humans. A professional beekeeper generally does this.


Much like bees, most wasp species will hibernate through the winter. The queens will then emerge in Spring and create a new colony. Unlike bees, wasps can be aggressive, especially towards the end of summer and are more likely to sting humans.

To prevent wasps from establishing nests in your home, proper maintenance is vital. Make sure that all gaps or vents are kept small and narrow.This will significantly reduce the likelihood of wasps entering and nesting. Keeps sheds and garages tidy and check these areas in springtime to ensure no bees or wasps have set up home.

If you do discover a wasp nest, always call a local pest control company as wasps will attack if they feel threatened.


Ants aren’t considered a health threat to humans, but they can be one of the more annoying spring pests, especially if you have a nest in, or near your property.

To prevent ants from invading your home, you need to remove sources of food that may attract them. Individual ants will forage for food over large distances. When one of them discovers something tasty, they will relay messages back to the nest, and before long, you can have a big problem.

You can view our Basic Ant Control Tips by clicking here.


Cockroaches emerge during Spring and reproduce at an incredible rate so you can quickly develop a major infestation if they are not promptly dealt with.

The main problem for humans relating to cockroaches is food poisoning. Cockroaches will eat virtually anything. That means that whilst foraging for food they pick up all sorts of organisms that can cause food poisoning plus lots of other unpleasant bacteria. Whilst foraging they can transfer these bacteria and organisms onto food, into cupboards or onto food preparation areas.

To prevent cockroaches, the advice is similar to most other pests and is based around good hygiene. Ensure food is not left on surfaces and when storing food items in cupboards, make sure it is securely sealed. Regular cleaning of floors is vital as is disposing of rubbish on a regular basis.

Spring Pests Conclusion

Pest control companies are kept busy all year round, but it is perhaps Spring and Summer when we receive the most phone calls. Generally, spring pests, if left alone, won’t cause you many problems. However, it’s when they invade your home or business that the issues start.

If you have a pest problem, then it is always recommended that you call a professional pest control company. They will have the necessary tools and experience to deal with the pest quickly and effectively.

For more information on preventative pest control measures or to book an appointment, please get in touch with our team.

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