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Commercial Pest Control

With 25 years of experience working in the commercial pest control field, we have become experts at handling most unwanted pests. We have worked with all types and sizes of organisation within a wide range of sectors such as food premises, warehouses, schools, leisure centres, churches, farms, allotments, retail shops and many more.

Commercial Pest Control

We can provide one-off treatments for any pest control issues, as well as pest control contracts. After a thorough survey, all works would be carried out for a fixed price and agreed with yourselves.

Pest infestations could cost you financially and put your business at risk.

Rodent proofing measures

We can also provide a free quote for minor building works to prevent rodents from gaining access into your premises, such as bumper strips on the bottom of roller doors, bristle strips to the bottom of doors with gaps, damaged air bricks and minor pointing around waste water pipes.

Electronic fly control

We are an authorised distributor of quality electronic fly control machines by Pest West.

We will survey your site and work out which machines are best suited to your location to achieve control of most fly problems. Electronic fly control machines will catch and kill flies, but there are always other underlying problems that should also be addressed. We will include advice on hygiene and quotations on proofing measures to try and help keep the flies out of the building such as fly screens to windows and doors.

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What a nice man ! Fast acting pesticide within 4 hours all wasps were gone. He explained all the relevant safety information etc. Don't be ripped off for lots of money call this guy !! Thanks Again xx

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