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We’re Still Here For You! (Buzzing Around)

We want our customers to know that in these difficult times, we’ll be here for you. Confirm a Kill will remain operational during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. 

Open For Business

As an essential service, Confirm A Kill will continue to operate throughout the Government enforced lockdown to ensure that people in Nottinghamshire can remain pest-free. 

Unfortunately, rats, wasps, mice, fleas, and other pests won’t be adhering to the lockdown. Somebody needs to be there to ensure they don’t cause any trouble – to you or your property!

Helping You Deal With Pests

Having pests in your home or immediate vicinity can be challenging, and one that we’re sure many people would like to avoid in these current times. 

However, while we’re sure that everyone is doing their best to stay home and contain the spread of the coronavirus, it is not a time to ignore any signs of pests in your property. 

To avoid pests entering your property, there are several ways you can ensure that you are protected during this difficult time. Over the last few years, we’ve put together some handy guides which may keep the pests out, while you’re staying in! 

What We’re Doing to Stay Safe 

As always, with pest control, personal protective equipment (PPE) is to be worn when dealing with an infestation. During this viral outbreak, we will continue to rely on PPE to keep us safe. But there are a few things you can do to help make pest removal easier in these current circumstances. 

Let Us Know Your Concerns 

During the pest removal process, we advise customers to leave the immediate area while the issue is contained. This is standard practice. But, if you’d like additional assurances of ‘contact-free’ pest removal, please let us know on the phone when you get a quote.

If you are in the elderly or vulnerable category, please inform us beforehand. We will make every effort to ensure we safely remove your pests and remain contact-free in the process.

It can also help to speed up the pest removal process if we know exactly what the pest is. You can use our helpful guide to find out the difference between a rat and a mouse.

Stay Safe

Most importantly though, please stay safe. 

It’s important we all do our bit in ensuring we follow the Government guidelines and protect the NHS. We’re all in the same situation, and the best way to get through this is together. 

Also, a huge thank you to all of the brave NHS/care workers who are out there on the frontline looking after those that need it the most. 

And, thank you to all of the essential workers who go out every day to keep the nation on its feet. 

Stay safe everyone. 

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What a nice man ! Fast acting pesticide within 4 hours all wasps were gone. He explained all the relevant safety information etc. Don't be ripped off for lots of money call this guy !! Thanks Again xx

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