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Preventative Pest Control – Is It Worth It?

What is Preventative Pest Control?

Whether it’s actively filling up small holes and cracks in brickwork or simply washing up after every meal, preventative pest control could save you lots of money for your domestic or commercial property.

There are plenty of things that are considered preventative measures. Whether it’s techniques that professionals have to implement or ones that you can do yourself. It all counts in the fight against a pest infestation.

What Can I Do To Prevent Pests?

There are plenty of things that you can do to limit the number of pests in your property. Some of them are incredibly simple to implement. Some of them you may not even realise are actually preventative pest measures.

  • Food waste
preventative pest control - cleaning up

It’s important that you wash up after every meal. All plates and utensils along with pots and pans and anything else smelly with food waste in it that will attract rodents or flies, is important to wash. All food scraps should be placed in rubbish bins that are tightly covered. Any leftovers should be placed in sealed containers. It’s also important that appliances are cleaned regularly. This applies to both commercial and domestic kitchens.

  • Inside the building

There are plenty of things in the home or business premises that can prevent pest infestations. If you have areas where water can accumulate, it’s important to get rid of this – it can provide a great breeding ground for insects. Similarly, make sure all toilets are clean from dirt and grime. Whilst the smell isn’t appealing to us, insects and rodents will be attracted.

  • Outside the building

There are plenty of things to be done outside. If you have large amounts of waste around the property that provide warm and damp conditions, you may have a family (or more) of rodents living there, so clean it out! If you have any shrubbery, plants or bushes, keep them well-maintained, or else they could be ideal hiding places for rodents and insects.

Why Should I Use Preventative Pest Control Techniques?

There are many advantages to using preventative pest control measures. Below are two of the reasons that you should be using preventative methods to ensure hordes of pests are entering your property:

  • Cost

Identifying a pest problem in its infancy is much cheaper to treat than one that has been ongoing for many months, or even years. All in all, pest prevention is far cheaper than pest removal.

  • Avoid closures

Commercial buildings may have to close its doors for some time when a pest problem is identified. Preventative commercial pest control measures ensure that this doesn’t happen, and pests are kept at bay.

Professional Prevention

Here at Confirm A Kill, we pride ourselves on offering a pest control contract for businesses to take advantage of. For less of a cost, we provide visits at regular intervals throughout the year. We will provide a written report at the end of each visit.

This means that should your premises have a visit from an Environment Officer, there is written evidence of ongoing pest prevention and any treatment that is carried out. A pest control contract, in the long run, can save you money and protect your business’ reputation, keeping customers and staff safe and happy.

If you think you may have a pest infestation, for a free, no obligation quote, you can get in touch with us, or call 0115 913 5724.

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