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How to Combat Pests After a Flood

September and the beginning of October have bought a significant amount of rain to the UK, and experts are beginning to warn of potential threats of flooding in parts of the country. This includes some low-lying areas of the East Midlands.

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Advice for Controlling Grey Squirrels

If you’ve heard something rustling in your loft, then there is a chance you may have a pest infestation. There are a few possibilities of what could be causing the rustling, but during spring and autumn, there is a high chance that grey squirrels have moved into your home! While squirrels are a pleasure to […]

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Winter Pest Proofing Tips

When it comes to pests, Summertime is definitely the prime season. Bees and Wasps are out in vast numbers, ants and many other insets are extremely active, and you’re more likely to spot mice and rats roaming around than at other time of the year. When the temperature drops and the nights start to lengthen […]

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The British Pest Calendar

At Confirm A Kill, we are kept nice and busy all year round by a wide variety of pests. Some pests prefer warm weather; others may become an issue in colder months as they seek warmth and shelter. It’s therefore important to understand which pests to look out for at different times of the year […]

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The Cost of a Product Recall

A food product recall can be an extremely costly process, and the continuation of food processing, whilst managing a recall, can be a significant challenge. But if you get pests into your food preparation or management chain, this is a necessity to limit the spread of disease and manage an infestation. So, why then, are […]

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How to Deter Pigeons

Where ever you go in the UK you always seem to come across pigeons. They are most obvious in our city centres where they congregate in large numbers. Cities, with their tall buildings, replicate the pigeon’s natural habitat of cliffs and they commonly build their nests on high ledges or window sills. Food is also […]

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5 Ways That Pests are Decreasing the Value of your Home

If you’re like many other property owners, you’ve put a great deal of time and energy into your largest investment, your home. Like so many house buyers in the UK, there’s a chance you’ve purchased a property that requires work doing to it, or if not, you’re likely to find something that needs doing in […]

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How to Ged Rid of a Wasp Nest

As the days start to get longer and warmer, and you begin to look forward to Summer, you can be sure that one pest will soon be along to spoil the happy spring vibe…wasps! It’s during Spring that the queens emerge from their winter hibernation. They will then hunt around for a suitable place to […]

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Pests in Rented Properties

Being a lettings agent or an individual private landlord can often be a challenging responsibility. When it comes to ensuring the property is adequately maintained, and the condition remains clean and tidy, while also providing a stable living environment for any tenants, it can be difficult. As a landlord, depending on the tenancy contract, it […]

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Preventative Pest Control – Is It Worth It?

What is Preventative Pest Control? Whether it’s actively filling up small holes and cracks in brickwork or simply washing up after every meal, preventative pest control could save you lots of money for your domestic or commercial property. There are plenty of things that are considered preventative measures. Whether it’s techniques that professionals have to […]

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