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Public Health Problems Caused By Pests

Pests are always unwelcome visitors to our homes and businesses due to their destructive behaviour. However, if left unattended, they pose a much more serious public health risk – a direct threat to your health.

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Common Health Problems Caused by Pests

There is a wide range of nasty illnesses, diseases and health problems caused by pests that may come about if an infestation isn’t dealt with.

Pests contaminate surfaces and spread serious or even fatal diseases. This is due to them dropping the faecal matter, urinating, and shedding skin and fur around properties. Unfortunately, this is the case for most types of pests.

The main culprits in the UK for spreading diseases are: 

Rodents can spread as many as 35 different diseases. This includes Salmonella, Meningitis, and Lyme disease. They are notorious for contaminating areas where food is stored or prepared. This makes it more likely that we may consume something that could make us, or our customers, very ill…or worse. 

Similarly, cockroaches contaminate work surfaces and food if it isn’t stored safely. Spreading the likes of Dysentery and Gastroenteritis. These illnesses can become very serious – leading to vomiting, diarrhoea, and severe stomach cramps. The problem is made worse if flies are allowed to land on the food and then spread the germs even further. 

If the water around buildings is contaminated by bird droppings, this could cause E-coli and Listeria. An accumulation of droppings can also bring about respiratory infections and problems, such as Pneumonia.

Luckily, with appropriate hygiene standards and acting promptly to tackle infestations, these can all be avoided.

Insects and Rodents Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Many people have allergies to pests. Not just from being stung or bitten, but even just being in close proximity can trigger an allergic reaction.  

  • Cockroaches can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, especially in young children.
  • Bed bugs don’t carry disease; however, they do bite humans to feed on their blood. This can cause a reaction and may lead to breaking out in a rash. 
  • Similarly, to people who are allergic to pet hair, this is also the case for those near rodents. 
  • Wasp and bee stings can cause anaphylactic shock for some people. 

Pests Can Have A Detrimental Effect on Mental Health

Pests can cause people real misery if an infestation gets out of hand. 

Problems with the likes of bed bug bites or scratching sounds in the night from rodents can obviously impact sleep, which can lead to insomnia in some cases. Along with an added amount of stress trying to deal with the problem by themselves. 

That’s why it’s important to call in a professional, who can eradicate your problem in a short space of time. 

Protecting Your Business from Health Problems Caused By Pests

The risk of disease or infection spreading in a public or work environment is unthinkable. Effective pest management systems are essential to the running of businesses and to support good hygiene standards.

Customers will expect your premises, production, and stock to be protected against potential pest problems. An outbreak of pests might cause disruption to work and damage the reputation of your business. This is why we provide a number of tailor-made pest control maintenance contracts to companies across Nottinghamshire.

Our service will give you peace of mind, ensuring that your premises are continually monitored to prevent rodents or insects from being able to multiply. Contact us today for a quote.

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