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Spring Pest Control – What To Look Out For

Looking forward to Spring lifts our spirits. Warmer days, longer evenings and all kinds of beautiful flowers and trees blossoming. But behind this visual cornucopia lurks a menace – the Spring pest, or rather, pests. And there are a lot of them. Effective Spring pest control is a must if you want to protect your home, garden and health.

Spring Pest Control

Pest control – What Might Happen If You Don’t

You’re putting yourself and your family at risk of ill health if you don’t address the potential problems caused by pests. Ants can bite, and they can spread allergens. And that’s before even thinking about what happens when they get at your food or build an indoor nest. Ants can also damage electricity cables and wiring. Mosquitoes like to bite, leaving a very irritated area of skin. They can also spread diseases such as malaria. Spiders scare a lot of people – although they can be beneficial in that they eat other pests. As well as being particularly unappealing, cockroaches multiply at a speedy rate. The list goes on and on. To put your mind at ease, consider an effective Spring pest control plan.

Garden Pests

Slugs and snails can bring an unwanted close to vegetable growing ambitions. They particularly like greens – so you need to protect them. Of more concern, though, are ticks. Ticks are potentially threatening to people and pets; amongst other things, they can transmit Lyme’s disease.

Addressing Spring Pest Control At Your Home

‘Act quickly’ is probably the single most important piece of advice to offer. Ask some questions. Have you had any problems before? What and where? Then get those things addressed to avoid a repeat. If you’re in a new home for the first time this Spring… have you spoken to the previous owner or, if you’re renting, the managing agents?

It might be worthwhile just cutting straight to the chase and speaking to a specialist pest control company. They can advise where you’re at risk and implement a plan accordingly.

Some Tips

One of the things pests have in common is what they’re after – food. So, don’t leave food out. If it belongs in the fridge, put it in the fridge. If a meal doesn’t get finished, get the scraps off the plate and into the bin quickly. Don’t leave half-eaten food lying around – indoors or outdoors. Make sure your bins are shut tight and rubbish bags tied up tightly. Pests are particularly keen on sweet things, fizzy drinks, bits of old fruit, things with seeds and also sugar. Keep pantries and food cupboards clean.

Consider where and how some of these pests get in. Open doors and windows, gaps or cracks (walls and floorboards), cracked pipes and the like. Look at minimising these risks.

Outside the home, look at areas where water can accumulate – from rain, broken pipes etc. Pests will gather where there is easy access to water, so address any areas like this – get them filled-in or covered.

Spring pest control is most effective when you plan and prepare early. There is some additional advice here.

‘Beneficial’ Pests

After ringing alarm bells loud and clear earlier, it should also be noted that there is such a thing as a ‘beneficial’ pest. Ladybirds, bees and wasps fall into this category. Wasps and bees are good for vegetables you might be growing and also for flowers. Just don’t get too close to them or irritate them. Ladybirds feed on some of the pests that feed on things you might be growing.

Peace Of Mind

Thankfully Britain doesn’t face some of the issues of countries like Australia with its hundreds of varieties of poisonous potential home invaders. However, pests can create problems for British households and families if they’re not addressed. And they’re best addressed, and potential problems reduced when Spring pest control is actioned early. Seeking professional advice is the surest way to put your mind at rest.

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