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How Having A Spring Clean Can Prevent Pest Infestations

Spring is only a week away, so it’s getting to that time of year when it’s great to declutter and deep clean around the house. Not only will your home look great, but you’ll also feel better for it and, as an extra bonus, it’s an effective method to prevent pest infestations. 

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How Spring Cleaning Can Prevent Pest Infestations

Throughout the winter months, pests seek shelter in our homes to keep out of the elements. Sometimes this can go unnoticed, as they opt for quiet, dark spaces away from human interaction; such as in lofts, garages, or behind furniture. So, it’s always best to have an annual deep clean when the season is over. 

As a whole new array of pests will soon be waking up from hibernation, by clearing spaces and addressing any issues you may find prior can also stop them in their tracks from entering your property. 

The Benefits of Decluttering Loft And Garage Spaces 

Pests, such as rodents, like to hide away, and cluttered spaces provide the perfect place for them to start a nest. Often, items like cardboard boxes in attics are the ideal breeding ground for such creatures. Though it may be hard to let things go at times, being ruthless and having a clearout can prevent you from having a full-blown infestation on your hands. When pests can’t seek the adequate shelter they require, they simply move on to the next unsuspecting place, hoping to find some clutter for them to hide within. 

It’s best to remove items such as unwanted boxes, paperwork, and newspapers. When doing so, take the boxes outside to unpack first. This will allow any pests that may be hiding inside chance to scurry away, and avoid them doing so in another area of your home. Assess the boxes for gnaw marks, chewed content inside the boxes, or signs of droppings. If there is, you may need to further inspect your loft space or call in a professional

We recommend not using cardboard boxes for storage but sealed plastic containers for future-proofing solutions. 

Commence an Indoor Deep Clean

Spills can easily happen over time, or just general grime can easily build up in areas like the kitchen, which may attract unwanted visitors, such as ants or mice

To prevent pest infestations undertake a deep cleanse inside the home:

  • Clean out pantries and cupboards thoroughly, throwing away any out-of-date products you may find.  
  • Wipe down worktops and on top of and behind kitchen units. 
  • Pull out appliances and clean behind and beneath where they sit. Pests are drawn to warmth and food, so these areas are hot spots for insects such as cockroaches
  • Keep the indoor space tidy by clearing away any clutter.
  • Remove food sources where pests could easily access. Transfer open food to sealed containers and store in cupboards or the fridge. 
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or pet bowls sitting out for long. Wash them up or put them in the dishwasher out of reach from pests. 
  • Frequently vacuum around homes, including hard-to-reach spots. This can keep your space free from spiders, larvae, and other pests. 
  • Keep bin lids securely closed and keep rubbish bags off the floor, both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Check around baths, sinks, or toilets for any leaks that may need addressing. 

Having A Garden Tidy-up To Keep Pests At Bay

  • Remove any standing water and address any problems if a leak is identified, such as a damaged pipe or clogged drain. Pests thrive around these areas, and flies, cockroaches, and rats are particularly drawn to water sources. 
  • Keeping your garden free from fallen leaves can prevent pests from creating nests.
  • Trim back overgrown foliage from your property or vehicle can prevent pests from gaining access. 
  • Don’t leave log piles on the ground. Keep them dry and on a raised surface away from the home. 

Repair Exterior Damage To Prevent Entry  

Have a walk around the perimeter of your property to inspect brickwork and around doors and windows. If you discover any entry points, seal them up fast. The same goes for any cracks within window screens, these will need repairing or replacing if you find a hole. This is an effective preventative pest control measure. 

Additional measures you can take is clearing out guttering and putting mesh in areas where birds may nest. Also attaching mesh over chimneys can stop squirrels from exploring indoors.  

Prevent Pest Infestation with Professional Help

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