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Why it’s important to get rid of rats

When many homeowners discover a rat invasion on their property, they often run to the shop for some rat repellent or simply brush the issue under the rug and hope that ignoring the rats will make them leave.

This is not the case and a rat infestation can be a lot more serious than people imagine. But what are the implications of having a family of rats invade your household? We’ve put together numerous reasons why you should get rid of rats:

  1. They like to gnaw on things…a lotGet Rid of Rats

What you may not know is that rats enjoy gnawing on rubber, particularly electrical insulation. This helps them keep their teeth sharp. However, it can be a major inconvenience for you as it could cause numerous electrical items to require replacements.

Rats also like to nibble their way through thermal insulation, whether in a wall cavity or in a loft space. This can raise utility bills by allowing warm air in, in the Summer and cold air in, during the Winter.

  1. They don’t respect your property

It goes without saying, a rat isn’t going to nicely ask if it can stay in your loft. And when they do decide to take up residence, they’re tenants from hell. The damage they can cause ranges from nibbling through roof eaves to getting through walls allowing rain and other rodents to access the building

Rats are also a negative addition to your garden. If you’re green fingered then you may be annoyed at the fact that rats have a taste for plant bulbs, seeds and anything else that could be edible in the garden.

  1. They’re full of disease!

A common problem with rats is that they are usually carriers of diseases that can be incredibly harmful to humans and animals. The way they spread disease is through defecating and urinating throughout the home to mark their territory. This can also attract other rodents.

Diseases that are commonly carried by rats can have effects that usually cause stomach pains and illness for a few days, however, in extreme circumstances these diseases can be fatal.

If you suspect your house has been invaded by rats, or you’ve begun to find droppings around the home, especially in small spaces, we offer a free pest control quotation and can send one of our technicians round to get rid of your rodent problem for good.

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