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The Cold Weather Doesn’t Keep the Pests Away

Many people believe that colder seasons help to deter those pesky pests from causing any mischief around our homes and businesses. Although there is more of a prevalence of pests in the summer months, insects are cold-blooded and are searching for somewhere warm and dry to snuggle up over the winter months. 

A moth sitting on snowy ground.

Many insects and rodents hibernate when the temperature drops, unfortunately, they look out for easy access points in our properties to take advantage of and build their nests in – areas such as your attic, garage or within wall cavities. 


Mice and rats are common winter pests, who can cause severe damage to properties, along with harming your health or the health of your staff and customers. They like to hide in dark undisturbed places, so you might not even notice that you have an infestation. 

Signs for an infestation to look out for include: droppings, gnaw marks on furniture or skirting boards, a strange smell around your property or any burrows that have been dug up around your property.  

Flies and Wasps  

Flies and wasps are a lot less common to see around during winter, due to them hibernating…the problem being, where this is taking place. Undisturbed, quiet, places within people’s homes is their favourite spot for a good snooze and once spring and the warmer weather arrives, they come out of hibernation. That’s when you might find yourself with a problem! 


Though cockroaches are less common to be seen during winter, as they thrive in warm climates, these cold-blooded pests cannot survive in the cold, so they seek out shelter and are attracted to our cosy central heating and are often hiding in our walls. 


Spiders are found year-round but are noticed more when it’s cold, when on the lookout for someone warm to hide. While this doesn’t bother some people, others can find their presence somewhat disturbing.

Though they might look unpleasant, they are totally harmless in the UK. The best way to keep them at bay, is to cut off their food source. Make sure your homes are cobweb, clutter and dead-insect free. 

Prevention Measures That You Can Take

There are a few simple tasks that you can perform to check for an infestation that will also help keep you pest-free: 

  • Do regular checks around the perimeter of your buildings, in particular checking small access points. If you do find any entry points then seal them up as soon as possible.
  • Repair any broken doors or windows – inspect for any cracks, where even the tiniest bug could squeeze through. 
  • Make sure that any rubbish is bagged up internally, and when placed in the outdoor bin, ensure that the lid is fully closed. Also, it does help to have your bins regularly cleaned.
  • Keep your gutters clear.
  • Replace any damaged roof tiles.  
  • Make sure to clean up after eating. Leaving dirty plates out, or leaving crumbs or spillages on a surface or floor, can be a temptation for pests. Put any food in sealed plastic or glass containers.  
  • Make sure that outdoor drains, patios and decking areas are free from any fallen leaves and debris. Along with checking there is no standing water that pests can dwell in. These environments make a perfect breeding ground and can entice pests to create their own home on your property. 

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