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Tackling the UK’s Top Summer Pests with Expert Tips

As the summer season arrives, so does the emergence of various pests that can disrupt our outdoor activities and even invade our homes. These pesky creatures can challenge our comfort and well-being, from flies and mosquitoes to fleas and bedbugs.

This article will explore expert tips to help you deal with the UK’s top summer pests so you can enjoy the season pest-free.

summer pests - wasps swarming over a doughnut

Bees & Wasps

If possible, the best way to deal with bees and wasps is to leave them be, as they play a vital role in pollination and regulating arthropod populations. However, gentle methods can prevent these summer pests from nesting in or around your property.

To prevent access to your property, seal cracks or crevices in the wall, eaves and roof. You can also use insect-repellent plants, such as mint, lemongrass or marigold, to repel bees and wasps from relocating and building a nest on your property.

In addition, as wasps are attracted to sugary substances, keep your outside bins clean and sealed, tidy around your fruit trees and avoid leaving any sugary snacks or beverages outside.

Flies & Mosquitos

While mosquitoes are drawn to the summer’s humidity levels for water supply, flies are attracted to decay in organic matter and rubbish which is more prevalent in the summer months.

Although mosquitoes’ risk of transmitting diseases to humans in the UK is relatively low, flies carry pathogens like salmonella. Therefore, it’s vital to have good sanitation practices and seal all exposed food and drink within your household to avoid getting sick with food poisoning. Dispose of out-of-date food and empty bins regularly.

Invest in window and door screens or nets to prevent these nuisance pests from entering. However, if flies and mosquitoes still manage to enter your property, you can use flyswatters, a plug-in mosquito repellent device or an electrical light to attract and eliminate them.

Ants & Cockroaches

Increased garden activities such as BBQs result in more food crumbs and beverage spills. This serves as a tempting food source for ants and cockroaches that thrive in high-humidity weather conditions.

To prevent these summer pests from entering your home, seal the tiniest cracks in windows, doors and walls, as ants and cockroaches are extremely tactful at getting through. Also, regularly clean your sinkholes and invest in sink plugs to avoid cockroaches crawling through your pipes.

Keeping your living space clean from food debris and clutter-free is best to prevent infestation. This can be achieved effectively by storing everything edible in cupboards and fridges in airtight containers. Also, regularly wipe down countertops of anything sweet or sticky and sweep and vacuum floors for crumbs, ensuring to get in tight spaces like under appliances.

If these methods are ineffective, consider putter powder down and bait traps to exterminate the cluster of ants and cockroaches. Consult a professional pest control service for severe infestations to eliminate the problem effectively.

Fleas & Bed Bugs

During summer, increased travel raises the chances of encountering bedbugs and fleas in fields, hotels and public transport.

The best way to eliminate these blood-sucking pests is to clean thoroughly and ensure your pet has regular flea treatment at the vet.

Clean your bedding, linen, pet’s bedding and toys regularly at a high wash in the machine or in hot soapy water. Vacuum regularly and pay close attention to areas where you and your pet rest and sleep. After each clean, remember to empty the vacuum and seal the bin bag.

If fleas and bedbugs infest your property, it’s best to seek professional help. A technician from a company specialising in pest control in Nottingham can assess the extent of the infestation and provide appropriate treatment options.

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