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#NuisanceNovember: Cluster Flies

Cluster flies group together with others, forming a large bunch that will sit in your house windows, loft and roofing. Golden in colour, this type of fly is loud, slow, and very clumsy.

The flies can cause a sickly smell wherever they gather. This smell will attract other flies, and although it is distracting, does not pose any risk to humans. Around 6-8mm in length, as they die, the bodies of cluster flies will attract other rodents and vermin, which is where the problem will begin as they bring with them a risk of disease and further infestation.

Cluster flies lay their eggs outside but will migrate indoors to find warmth and shelter, meaning they are particularly problematic throughout winter months. As they find somewhere to hibernate, the flies swarm an area and will not leave on their own accord.

There are a number of ways to deal with cluster fly infestations. Sprays, powders, fumers and foggers will all help treat a fly infestation, with the spray providing fast and effective treatment, powders continuously protecting against the flies, and fumers and foggers eliminating large groups of flies in one treatment.

We can provide treatment to deter flies before they enter, kill the flies as they begin to gather in your property, or provide electronic fly killing machines to control them. This can lessen the impact and prevent them from migrating down into the living or working areas of your property.

If not dealt with, cluster flies will return year after year to the same site, looking for a warm place to hibernate and lay their eggs over the winter. Our treatments will look to seal entrances to the house, and will aim to eliminate cluster flies within a couple of treatments.

Get in touch with us today if you think you have a problem with cluster flies. You can also get involved with our #NuisanceNovember hashtag on Twitter, tweet us any questions you might have about anything pest control.

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