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It Must ‘Bee’ Summer

Now that Summer has arrived, the bees will be out in force!

In the U.K. there are more than 20,000 species of bee that can invade your gardening space.

it must bee summer

It can be particularly frustrating when you’re in the garden or sat inside with the windows open and having to duck and dive away from a group of bees that are attracted to anything in your vicinity that is adorned with bright colours.

Not only can bees be a nuisance, they can also be extremely dangerous to those allergic to the toxins in the string. Despite only stinging when they are threatened, a bee sting can induce anaphylactic shock to those who are allergic, causing potentially fatal consequences. Here’s three facts you might not have known about bees:

  • A honey bee can travel almost six miles non-stop – that’s from our base in Arnold to the Theatre Royal in Nottingham!
  • The majority of bees have a lifespan of around 122 – 152 days. Which is a long time when you’re getting pestered by a nest of them!
  • A honey bee colony can contain up to 60,000 bees at it’s peak – hard to imagine round your garden, right?

It can be a huge wake-up call when you begin imagining 60,000 bees invading your space at one time. A lot of the time, bees find safety in small wall cavities, trees or by using wood as support for a nest. It’s advised you particularly look out in these areas.

If you spot that you have a bee’s nest, you shouldn’t remove this yourself, it could be dangerous and to those who are unprotected and untrained, it could leave you hospitalised. Or with a potentially lethal anaphylactic shock.

Confirm A Kill offer a guaranteed service, with expert technicians who are members of the National Pest Control Technicians Association, so if you find yourself being harassed by bees, get in touch with us to arrange an appointment.

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