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How to Prepare for the Ominous ‘Flying Ant Day’

We’ve all been out on a summer’s day and most likely been hit in the face by hordes of flying ants in the past. The bad news is that there isn’t actually only one flying ant day. However, the good news is there are ways to prevent and cope with a swarm. 

What is Flying Ant Day?

The sole purpose of flying ants is to start a new colony. They will often be found in large groups for added protection against any predators. 

When you see a swarm embarking on their ‘nuptial’ flight, this means that young queen ants and males have left their nests and taken flight with the purpose of breeding. 

The strongest males will breed with the females whilst in flight. Once the ants have mated, they lose their wings resulting in the queen and her colony landing and reproducing. 

When Does Flying Ant Day Take Place? 

Flying ants typically appear a few times a year in large hordes. 

The reason that we see so many at one time is due to many colonies all seeking the same perfect conditions for breeding. This perfect combination consists of a mixture of warm weather and rainy spells, creating hot and humid conditions. 

Usually, we tend to see them taking flight in July and throughout the summer months – so brace yourself, they will soon be on the way! 

Ways That You Can Tackle Ants

While flying ants do not pose a threat to humans, their swarming can be rather irritating – especially if dining alfresco.

There are some basic preventative steps that you can take to help control or stop unwanted ants:

  • Keep kitchen work surfaces clean and free from anything sweet or sticky. 
  • If found in your home, trace where they are coming from, and block up the entry hole. 
  • Store any food in airtight containers and ideally keep them in the fridge or in high cupboards.
  • Regularly vacuum and sweep up, especially under appliances and cupboards. This ensures that no tempting crumbs can be found by the ants. 
  • If you have a pet that eats from a bowl on the floor, make sure any food residue is cleared up when they’re finished.
  • Ensure that indoor and outdoor bins are all properly sealed. 

Please note: If you have pets or young children, we don’t recommend using any off-the-shelf sprays, powders, or gels. These can be very dangerous to those with little fingers or furry paws. Instead, try spraying them with a diluted mixture of water and washing up detergent or peppermint oil.  

Need Expert Ant Removal?

If you have flying ants invading your home or workplace, we have a range of effective ant control treatments available to assist. 

The professional products that we use will destroy most ant colonies rapidly and are far more effective than off-the-shelf solutions purchased from the local supermarket or DIY store. 

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