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How to Get Rid of Ants in a Lawn

Ant infestations can be a real nuisance, especially when they take over your lawn, creating unsightly mounds and potentially harming the health of your grass and plants. While chemical pesticides are often the go-to solution, it should be noted that they can be harmful to the environment, insects and even your health.

This article will explore ways to effectively manage and get rid of ants in a lawn without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Get Rid of Ants in a Lawn

What Are Ants?

Ants are eusocial insects structured around roles such as workers, males and queens. They belong to the order Hymenoptera, along with wasps and bees.

What Are The Benefits of Ants?

Ants are crucial ecologically, as their tunnelling improves soil aeration and plant growth. They also help disperse seeds widely after eating their coatings, enhancing plant propagation.

How To Deal With Ants on Your Lawn

Ants are beneficial in gardens and should be left undisturbed whenever possible. However, if their nests cause significant problems, here are a few tips for how to get rid of ants in a lawn.

Maintain a Healthy Lawn

Focus on strengthening your grass by feeding it fertiliser and regularly watering and mowing it. A healthy turf leaves fewer bare spots for ants to establish colonies, making it less appealing for them to tunnel through.

Regular Monitoring and Maintenance

Regularly inspect your lawn for signs of ant activity, such as trails or mounds, particularly after rainfall. Ensure your lawn does not develop conditions like waterlogging or bald patches that can deter ants from looking for a new nesting site.

Why Avoid Using Pesticides?

Pesticides can harm beneficial insects and microorganisms that contribute to a healthy ecosystem and pose health risks to your pets and children who frequently play on your lawn. Additionally, certain chemicals can run off into nearby water sources, creating environmental hazards.

Consider Using Non-pesticide DIY Treatment

Consider these three non-pesticide DIY alternatives to help get rid of ants in a lawn.

Encourage Natural Predators

Nematodes are microscopic, worm-like organisms that prey on various garden pests, including ant larvae. This makes them a great non-pesticide DIY solution, for they create a natural biological control system.

This method is environmentally friendly, poses no harm to humans or pets and helps maintain the ecological balance of your lawn by targeting only pest species without using harmful chemicals.

Essential oils

Essential oils such as peppermint, tea tree and citrus are known for their intense scents, which ants dislike. Mix a few drops of these oils with water and spray the mixture around to get rid of ants in a lawn.

Spray Vinegar

Due to its strong scent and acidity, vinegar acts as a natural ant repellent. This disrupts the ants’ scent trails and can deter them from entering the area. By spraying a vinegar and water solution around ant-prone areas, you can effectively manage ant populations without harsh chemicals.

This method preserves the health of the soil and surrounding vegetation and protects local wildlife and water sources from potential contamination, making it a safe choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Call a Professional

It’s essential to call a professional ant control when you encounter large or persistent ant infestations that home remedies cannot manage. Professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to identify the specific ant species, which is crucial because different species may require different treatment strategies. Their expertise can prevent recurrence, saving time and avoiding further damage or discomfort.

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