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Pests Ready To Give Homeowners A Scare This Halloween

With the clocks about to go back and the cold, dark nights starting to draw in, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is just around the corner. However, it’s not just this event that is set to give people a scare at this time of year; uninvited pests may also be lurking in the shadows.

a plastic spider on fake webbing to represent halloween pests

Shorter days and changing temperatures are the perfect combination to make your Halloween decorations soon become a scary reality. This blog prepares you for what may haunt your homes and give you some sleepless nights if infestations aren’t dealt with.

Creepy Crawlies That Make Your Hair Stand On End

Though spiders can be found in our properties all year round, the autumnal months are well-known for an invasion of giant house spiders. 

Though UK spiders are harmless to humans, these eight-legged freaks can reach speeds of up to half a metre per second – which is enough to get any arachnophobes blood pumping! 

Learn more about why spiders come inside during autumn and ways that you can deter them from playing trick or treat at your house. 

Sounds That Go Bump In The Night

Have you heard scratching behind your walls? Something running around downstairs whilst you’re tucked up in bed? Or a thud coming from your loft space? You’ll be pleased to hear it’s unlikely to be a ghost. However, it may be a different type of destructive force!

Rats, mice, and squirrels typically seek warmth and shelter at this time of year and can penetrate the smallest of openings to gain access to your property. Once inside, they are something you want to be scared of because of the sheer damage they can cause. 

Rodents are notorious gnawers, and have no trouble chewing through wiring, door frames, furniture and more. This, along with the fact that they can cause quite a few health problems. So, it’s crucial to perform an inspection of your property and seal up any cracks that you may find. 

When unboxing your Halloween decorations, also keep an eye out for bite marks on boxes they may be stored in.   

Learn more about the chilling telltale signs to look out for and ways we can exorcise these little monsters from your buildings. 

Vampires of The Insect World Who Are Ready To Drink Your Blood

These villains only emerge from their hiding places when they want to feed, which, like in most horror films, is typically at night time while you are sleeping. We’re talking about the bloodsuckers that are bed bugs. 

Recently, there has been a sharp rise in the spread of bed bugs across Europe, to the point where flights were going to be grounded from Pairs due to a significant outbreak. Bed bugs pose a risk to public health and can rapidly spread, so treating these infestations needs to be timely. 

Common signs to look out for are:

  • Bite marks on your body that could be exposed when sleeping. 
  • Small spots of blood on your bedding.
  • Dark or rust-coloured spots on bedding, mattresses, and walls. 
  • An unpleasant, musty odour.

Learn more about our bed bug control treatments and preventative measures. 

Pests Poised To Jump Out And Give You A Fright

With the soil now becoming moist, you may start to notice small ‘graves’ emerging in your gardens and grounds. 

Though moles do actually bring some benefits to gardens, by aerating the soil and eating grubs and insects, they can also damage grass and plants with their excessive digging. 

Moles can tunnel for several hundred metres, so their tunnel network can be extensive. This is why you may need expert help from a pest control specialist if you find yourself surrounded by molehills. 

Beware of The Pumpkinhead Eating Pests

Pumpkins, when left outdoors, can soon become a food source for rats, mice, squirrels, ants, flies, and slugs. In particular, they are even more enticing when they begin to rot. 

Here are a few tips to help prevent your pumpkins from being fed on:

  • Use reusable, artificial pumpkins. 
  • Using artificial battery-powered candles instead of flames can increase the life of your pumpkin. 
  • Keep pumpkins in a cool and dry place, preferably indoors once carved. 
  • Dispose of rotting pumpkins in a securely closed bin. 

If You Discover A Scary Infestation, Get In Contact With Our Team

If pest problems are haunting your dreams, make sure you get in touch with our team. We can help to eliminate those fears and make Halloween a fun time rather than a nightmare. 

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