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Get Rid of Those Pesky Ten-Ants

Summer is a great time to relax in the Sun – unless you have flying ants to consider

You may have suddenly started seeing a flock of flying ants around your home or your business in recent weeks. You may be wondering why they’ve suddenly appeared and how you’re going to get rid of the irritating critters.

Flying Ants

Believe it or not, at some point in June or July, there is a day that experts call Flying Ant Day. This is where all the ants that have the sole job of reproducing end up growing wings and swarming with each other.

Whilst this Flying Ants Day may seem something out of a horror movie, not much is known about why the ants swarm together and grow wings, but many predict this involves the warm and humid weather. All the fertile ants begin flying and breed mid-air, eventually landing to create a new colony. Here are some more facts about flying ants you might not have known:

  • Once the flying ants have mated they lose their wings – this is so they can start a new colony and reproduce.
  • If there is one respectable thing about the ants, once they grow wings, they depart one after each other in a very orderly fashion.
  • They can make seagulls and other predatory birds have a drunken effect. The chemicals inside of the ants cause a reaction within the birds. So what out for drunk seagulls.

Dealing with Flying Ants

Although not particularly dangerous, flying ants can be incredibly invasive and irritating. This is why our expert technicians can get rid of the swarm before any of the ants begin to breed. Working seven days a week allows us to be called out quickly from our central Nottingham location.

By removing flying ants whilst they swarm means preventing any future flying ant issue that may occur. We also will get rid of the ants whilst they are still swarming or together, which significantly reduces the risk of any flying ants living on.

At Confirm A Kill, our expert technicians, who are also members of the National Pest Control Technicians Association use an environmentally friendly mix of insecticide to full treat the issue without damaging other wildlife or plants in the near vicinity.

With our competitive prices, we work with whatever is best for you, making sure that controlling the inconvenient pests doesn’t become even more of an inconvenience. We have a completely no-quibble guarantee subject to you following all of our recommendations correctly.

If you have flying ants invading your home or business, we offer domestic and commercial removal services at great prices. Get in touch with us.

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