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Check For Pests After Winter

The consensus among us all is that the weather outside is now, finally, warming up. But, whilst we were sitting indoors enjoying a nice cuppa’ in front of the fire (or electric heater) during the colder months, there were some pests outside that quite like the idea of a warm house to squat in.

Here are some pests to check for now that the cold months are over.

Rats and Mice

Due to the cold weather, these pests begin to run low on their source of food and nutrients to keep them alive. Of course, the most logical thing for them to do is head to the nearest place with a lot of food waste and some amazing smells coming from it…your house!

The thing is, your house is also really nice and warm, so many rodents decide not to steal some food and leave, but to stick around a while, but they won’t be having a cuppa’ with you!

Instead, they’ll be chewing through wires, wood and anything that’s in their way. On a very serious note, it’s not unusual for a rat or mouse to ruin the structural integrity of a building or get into the plumbing system.

And if you think a bit of metal can stop them? You’re wrong, these guys can chew through 1/2 -inch thick sheet metal and concrete.

Flies and cockroach

Although not commonly associated with the outside during Winter months. They can breed in huge numbers as soon as they make themselves at home…and warm. Unfortunately, these critters are attracted to the warmth, and once they get in, they can multiply incredibly fast.

Cockroach and flies can be very dangerous to the food and catering industry, especially restaurants and bars as they can easily get inside and then can contaminate the food with their notorious dirt and diseases.

Wasps and Hornets Check for Pests

We know, they’re not winter pests and most people have a problem in the Spring/Summer.

However, if you read last year’s blog ‘Spring Surprises’ you’d know that a nest can appear out of nowhere. But how does that happen? Because the Queen hornet doesn’t die in Autumn and instead goes to find a new place to nest.

At any point over the Winter or Spring period, she could decide that your attic space is the ideal breeding ground for her new colony. She will stay in the attic, virtually unnoticed for some time before she will begin making the combs of the nest, before laying some eggs and beginning her new colony.

So, no, these nests don’t ‘appear overnight’ and take months of preparation by the Queen – so it’s especially important to keep an eye out for chewed wood or some combs that could be used for a nest.

Pest Prevention 

Take a look at the exterior of your building, if there is a hole that could fit a ballpoint pen down it, it’s possible that a rodent, wasp or cockroach has also found its way down there too! Seal any potential access points up.

Empty your bins! Of course, like most of us, you will have weekly or bi-weekly bin collections, which are perfectly fine as long as you make sure your bin is secured and not open in any way. Make sure they are also a fair distance (20 feet) from the property if possible. If not, it’s important they are not next to a door, vent, or pipe.

Similar to checking the exterior, make sure you check the unused interior spaces of the building. Not been behind the wooden cabinet in a while? Give it a check. Last time you used the attic was at Christmas? Give it another check.

If you feel that the infestation has already happened, we can help! Head over to our contact us page and we will help you get pest control solutions as soon as you possibly can.

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