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Autumn Pest Prevention – Our Top Tips

As autumn approaches, so does a range of common autumn pests which follow us indoors as temperatures drop. These pests can be far more than just a nuisance; they can contaminate areas within the home and spread diseases. To prevent this risk, we have collated a list of common pests found in the United Kingdom and our top tips for autumn pest prevention.

Autumn Pest Prevention


The most common pest problem during autumn is likely to be wasps. They often come in contact with people as they indulge on ripening fruits that can intoxicate them, making them more aggressive than usual.

An effective autumn pest prevention method for wasps includes removing any fallen fruits, particularly apples and pears, to reduce their hostility. Wasps are territorial creatures; therefore, creating a wasp nest replica using a brown paper bag and hanging it in your loft or from trees close to your home can help prevent an infestation.


Ants are a common problem in the areas of the home where food is consumed, such as the kitchen or dining room. If a single ant is to discover a food source in your home, they can mark a trail back to the colony so more ants can track the path to the source of food. The scent on the trail intensifies every time it is used, which can quickly lead to an infestation.

To deter ants from infesting your home, we recommend cutting back vegetation away from the building, storing food in sealed containers, keeping firewood outside and maintaining cleanliness in your home, paying particular attention to sweeping and hoovering floor areas.


As the holiday season ends and jet setters return home, they can bring unwanted guests in their travel suitcases. Bedbugs are slow-developing; therefore, it’s usually a couple of months before their infestation is noticed by finding the bugs or their excrement in your mattress. To escape bed bug infestations, avoid placing your luggage on the bed and meticulously check belongings when returning home from your travels.


During autumn, the most common spider found inside the home is the house spider. Appropriately named as they wander indoors during mating season in August and September. These spiders are relatively harmless. Simply use a glass and piece of card to pick up the spider and place it outdoors to ensure they do not lay eggs in the home.


Cluster flies emerge during autumn to seek a cool and dry area to hibernate. As a result, it is common to notice cluster flies inside the home, particularly from late September. Although they are not a hazard because they are simply hibernating – rather than breeding or feeding – they can be a nuisance. To prevent cluster flies, place insecticidal power on window frames.


Grey squirrels, mice and rats often experience famine once the temperature drops during the autumn and winter months. As a result, these creatures will squeeze through the smallest openings or gnaw their way through wood or plastic to seek warm, safe and comfortable spaces to survive. Vermin, especially rats, can introduce fleas and ticks into a home as well transmit serious diseases.

For effective autumn pest prevention methods for rodents, we recommend filling any holes around windows, doors and foundations to secure your property.

Mice and rats often navigate their way into buildings through the loft. Therefore, store belongings in plastic containers (as opposed to cardboard) and replace damaged roof tiles to prevent vermin nesting in your home.

To avoid attracting vermin, store food in airtight containers and remove crumbs from surfaces. In addition, we recommend tightly securing rubbish bags and placing them on a raised surface, out of the reach of rodents.

Autumn Pest Prevention Summary

If your autumn pest prevention methods were unsuccessful, we recommend using professional pest control to resolve your issues. Here at Confirm a Kill, we have over twenty-five years of experience in pest control and provide fully guaranteed services around Nottinghamshire.

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